Pozo del Cielo Lodge Hotel

Arequipa, Peru
A 3 Stars hotel, Close to Colca River

Pozo del Cielo was built taking into consideration the architectural and building traditions, in such a way that this has been structured as an Altoandina house, the technology and material selection have been cozen taken into account the respect to the natural and cultural environment. Some of these aspects are substructure, Natural Materials, Ecological Technology, Bio Climatic Design. The hotel have worked in coordination with the neighboring community, Pozo del Cielo has large rooms that offer all the facilities for the visitor; there are also green houses, bio-climatic comfort and excellent views of the valley. By using native ingredients, it is possible to rescue the local culinary tradition and taste the novoandina food. Guests can enjoy the camelid exhibition and large green areas. The view from the dining room/bar is great: the town of Chivay, the Inca Bridge over the canyon and the snow-covered Hualca-Hualca and Sabancaya mountains.


1) Rates at the Pozo del Cielo Lodge Hotel may not be valid during Carnival, New Years, Easter and other special dates.
2) Prices are per person, per night, in US Dollars and subject to change without notice.
3) Brazilian Visa Required of US citizens, Canadians, Australians and many other countries.
4) Website is for research purposes only.

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