Amazon Clipper Cruise, Standard Cabin 2N


2 Nights / 3 Days departuring Mondays

1st Day
Departure Hotel Tropical landing-stage 02:00 pm Navigation to the ""Meeting of the waters"". Observation. Navigation in Xiborena and Careiro region to Curari. Canoe trip in smaller creeks to see life on the floodplain: jute, market-garden produce, rubber trees, as well as floodplain forest and lakes with giant water lilies (when in season). This trip returns after sunset, so that we can observe night life, including caymans. Navigation up the Amazon (Rio Solimoes) to the Janauaca. Dinner on the way.
2nd Day
Early morning canoe trip for bird-watching. There are good changes of seeing Hoatzins and large flocks of greets and Cormorants. Breakfast. Visit to the inhabitants of Lake who live from manioc plantations, fishing, diverse fruit trees, rubber, Brazil nuts plantations, wood and other extractive products. Walk in the forest with commentaries by the specialist. Lunch. Navigation. Fishing for piranhas and others types of fish. Dinner. Night trip to see nocturnal animals, sometimes including night-hawks, snakes, Toro-rats, sloth and frogs. Navigation downstream on the Amazon (Rio Solimoes). >
3rd Day
Early morning bird-watching trip in the Januari Ecological Park or nearby waterways (often good for Capped Herons). Breakfast. Navigation to the Hotel Tropical Landing-stage arriving at 11:30 am.

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