Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise, Standard Cabin 3N


3 Nights / 4 Days departuring Wednesdays

1st Day -
Leaves the Hotel Tropical landing-stage at 02:00 pm. Presentation on board of the staff, route and facilities. Navigation to the Ariau river (tributary of Rio Negro). Canoe trip shortly before sunset, returning after dark, with the possibility of observing nocturnal animals and perceive the change in the forest as night falls. Dinner. Navigation to Açu-Creck or nearby tributaries.

2nd Day -
Breakfast. Walk in the forest with commentaries by specialists. Observation of flora. Visit to a "Caboclo" family. Change to see the local way of life, preparation of manioc flour (the staple food stuff of the Amazon), the health and education situation of children, etc. Lunch. Navigation through the Anavilhanas Archipelago. Visit to the small, isolated town of Novo Airo with opportunity to see local boat building sawmills, market, sometimes the commerce of palm-fiber and ornamental fish, and other activities. Navigation. Dinner. Night trip to see Caymans and possibly frogs, sloth, snakes and other species, depending on the season.

3rd Day -
Breakfast. Navigation to Praia Grande or other while-sand beach. Swimming if conditions permit, and observation of vegetation of sandy areas. Canoes trip in Lake Acajatuba or adjacent lake to see typical flora (rubber trees, Brazil nuts, useful palm trees of various types). Fishing for piranhas. Lunch. Depending on water-level and wind: stop at the Paricatuba community to see old, abandoned rubber-boom buildings, now overgrown with strangler fig trees, or canoe trip in the Jacareubal area.Dinner. Navigation.

4th Day -
Lake Januari. Canoe trip at sunrise for bird watching. Breakfast. Navigation to the “meeting of the waters”. Return to the Hotel Tropical landing-stage, with fine views of Manaus waterfront buildings, activities and commerce. Arrival at 11:30 am.

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