Juma Lodge, Safari Package Standard 5N


5 Nights / 6 Days departuring daily

1st Day -
Arrival at Juma before lunch with welcome drink served. Lunch and time for resting for an afternoon reconnaissance tour of the region in motorized canoes. In the way back to the lodge, we will spot alligators. Dinner.

2nd Day -
After breakfast depart for a jungle hike. The guides will choose the best place to set up camp. After a barbecue lunch, the set up of a rustic hut constructing the walls and roofs. Dinner. Night fishing for regional fish using the same technique used by local Indians. Spend the night in the jungle, sleeping in hammocks.

3rd Day -
Early in the morning we will leave for a sunrise excursion. Breakfast. Visit to the house of a local native to learn more about their culture, including the manual production of manioc flour and the handcrafting of wallets and shoes out of rubber sap. Lunch at the Juma Lodge. Travel on a paddle canoe. Dinner. Overnight in the jungle.

4th Day -
Breakfast. Depart to explore the region in a paddle canoe, traveling through the igapós (flooded forest) and the igarapés. After lunch the guide will teach more about the local culture, how to make handicrafts with babaçu, leaves and fruit seeds. Dinner. Overnight in the jungle.

5th Day -
Breakfast. Return to the Juma Lodge. Visit an herbarium, a medicinal plant farm in a local community. Lunch. Take an afternoon tour to learn more about the Amazon’s flora such as Brazil Nuts, cupuaçu, and açaí. Diner. Overnight at the Juma Lodge. All packages with overnight in the jungle are served by a staff group comprised of a guide, a pilot and a cook.

6th Day -
Breakfast. Return to Manaus with stop to see the meeting of the waters. By request, the guide will take you to a dive spot, where you can feel for yourself the 8o C (14 o F) difference in temperature between the two rivers.

All packages with overnight in the jungle are served by a staff group comprised of a guide, a pilot and a cook.

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