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2019 Brazil Carnival Hotel Packages

Maggie can help you!It's time to book your Carnival 2019 hotel package and pay with 5 installments

Rio Carnival is still some months away! Carnival dates fall from March 01th thru 09th, in 2019. 

So, this is the time to book your package in advance, save some money and more important: pay in 5 installments. You will be all set before this year ends!

We at Bookers International thrive to offer the best prices for hotel packages all year round, negotiating and prepaying thousands of rooms throughout the city.

Great Offers right now include:

 4 Night Package with Breakfast and Taxes, prices per person.
Aeroporto Othon
US$ 1,123
Atlantico Business Center
US$ 1,529
Lancaster Othon
US$ 2,033
Rio Othon Hotel
US$ 3,011

How to Book your Carnival Package

Contact Maggie Silva

Phone: +1 305 758 5446
Skype: maggie_bookersinternational

It's the perfect timing for you to make your plans and book your 2019 Carnival Rio Package. Carnival 2019 is from Friday March 01 thru Ash Wednesday March 09. Our experts will gladly quote an all-inclusive package for your carnival experience.

Your Best Deals for Carnival
Prices in American Dollars per person in double occupancy. Change Currency.
Prices in American Dollars
per person in double occupancy.